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Everything comes down to visibility in the digital age. Is your traffic down? Are your sales stagnant? If you’re not bringing in traffic every hour to your website or you don’t have any orders coming through, your marketing team should start looking at local SEO strategies.

With a few simple improvements to your website and marketing strategy, you’ll see higher traffic and better rankings on the top keywords that matter to your local traffic.

Our agency’s top service is SEO because our clients see results every day. It’s their greatest investment because it makes your website more relevant to customers searching online, and your authority builds over time.

We’ve helped businesses just like yours jump back from zero activity in just a few weeks. How can we help you market your business today?

Improve Your Traffic Fast with Local Search

Local SEO is the key to so many businesses continuing to bring in new and returning sales from their surrounding markets.

Today’s business owners have a lot of responsibilities, but one of the most important responsibilities is ensuring that the market knows about your products and services. Through local SEO and marketing services, your business can earn insane amounts of traffic and revenue from online search.

Google offers valuable resources to help businesses, such as Google My Business optimization. If you don’t know how these services work or what can be done to help your business improve rank every day, we’re the digital agency to bring you forward--and it doesn’t take that much time to create these opportunities.

From local directory citations to earning customer reviews to tracking your rank on important keywords, we provide simple and effective SEO strategies to get results for our clients.

If you want your business to start showing up in local rankings, talk to our SEO professionals about a strategy and plan. Our marketing experts and SEO specialists will do all the work for you so that your website becomes a local marketing machine.

How We Help Your Business with Local SEO

As a full service agency, we offer comprehensive SEO services. Our local SEO packages are custom-built to improve your rank and enhance your website so that it’s found whenever customers are searching for products and services like yours.

Our teams partner with clients, amplifying their presence in Google and enhancing engagement across all channels.

Clients always talk to us about building traffic and ranking first for keywords as their top goals, but there’s so much more you can do with local SEO. What if you could increase your revenue with online channels? What about more phone calls, website visits, and online sales?

In addition, we help clients beat out competitors in the most niche markets and local areas. If your business is always one step behind, it’s time to try something new that can positively impact your search rankings.

Local SEO Services

We love talking to clients about their goals and designing the perfect custom marketing plan to execute on those goals. We offer a variety of packages for large and small projects. Whether you are looking to enhance your current website’s content and rankings or you want to start a completely new project, we can provide a free marketing proposal customized for your business. Here are some of the services we can help with;

  • Google My Business
  • Building citations
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword targeting
  • Market research
  • Local buyer personas
  • Local SEO content creation
  • Increase social engagement
  • Optimize profiles across all channels
  • Online reputation management
  • Increase Google reviews
  • Local link building
  • Enhanced local PPC campaigns
  • Local customer acquisition
  • Lead generation
  • Local customer acquisition
  • Analytics and reporting
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Out-Rank Competitors with Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business is one of the most popular ways to get your business seen in search. When any customer searches products or services like yours within a specific zip code, your business should pop up as one of the first results. However, many businesses set up their Google Map listing and simply forget about Google My Business.

There are a ton of tools that help you market your business in Google search. With an optimized description, you can capture local searches and target keywords, but you can also add your website and other links to your profile.

Google My Business also has specific attributes that you can qualify for depending on your business category. These have become especially important due to the pandemic. Google likes when businesses share any information regarding their business hours, policies, seating, and safety regulations.

In other cases, you may not have updated your Google listing in some time. Outdated information only lowers your rank, so it’s important to constantly update your listing and include new questions, answers, and other information for users searching your products and services.

Finally, Google listings must show ratings and reviews. Let us help you build a marketing strategy to ensure that you earn these boosts to your online reputation. Our team is here to make it happen.

FAQ About Local SEO

What is local SEO and how does it work?

Local SEO is a combination of search engine optimization tactics that target local, niche traffic using keywords with geo-locations. In addition, local SEO methods also use tools and services like Google My Business to enhance your search listings.

Businesses that optimize for local search often show up in Google Map results. For example, if you have a local law firm that wants to out-rank competition locally, you’ll want to create a Google My Business profile with multiple attributes, question and answers, and an optimized description with multiple keywords. This is just one local SEO tactic that has worked for our clients.

How do you know who my competition is and how to beat them with local SEO?

Many businesses overlook local SEO because they want to drive all traffic to their main web pages. While this is important, search-savvy businesses also have a local SEO marketing strategy that builds their citations and improves local pages on their website to draw in more traffic.

If your business is in a highly competitive market, it’s important that you invest money in local SEO services, particularly if you depend on local orders and traffic to your physical store.

How many locations can you support with local SEO?

With businesses that have more than one location, multiple local pages may be created and optimized for each location. This means that content includes main keywords with a geo location, such as a city, as well as some local information to enhance that page for ranking locally.

For example, if your company wants to rank for “law firm Brooklyn” but you also service areas all over New York, you’ll need local SEO pages for each location. This helps customers reach any page that is relevant to their local search.

How does Google My Business work for local SEO?

Google My Business is a free listing service provided by the search engine to help local businesses reach customers searching in their area for related products and services. However, if your business is located in an extremely competitive area, you won’t be able to out-rank competitors without optimizing this profile.

Whenever you search a business or look up a product in a specific area, a Google My Business listing will appear first. This includes all of the informatio about that business, including a description, links to the business website, and Google reviews.

We actually help all of our clients set up a Google My Business profile because it benefits every business to do so. Google likes to see businesses joining their network, adding information, and posting content that informs their users.

How do local SEO keywords work for different businesses?

The first step with any SEO strategy is to understand unique goals and keywords. For example, if your goal is to increase traffic in certain zip codes, that information aids in building local citations, local SEO content pages, and targeting keywords in Google campaigns.

Local SEO for different business types heavily relies on keyword and market research. If you have a very competitive restaurant market, there may be other tactics in addition to local search strategies that can boost your rankings.

You can also add specific attributes that help users understand your business, as well as Google. For example, restaurant businesses have unique attributes for food type and seating arrangements. These help potential customers see what their dining experience would be like before heading out to your restaurant.

By targeting local keywords with your services, industry, and geo, you’ll capture more traffic and sales, and SEO builds over time. Whether you choose our ongoing management services or not, you’ll always have these listings and content to support your business.

What is a local SEO audit and will you perform one for my business?

An SEO audit is a great way to start off any improvements to your website’s marketing strategy and content. Using comprehensive tools, audits scan your website and the entire web, resulting in a report with scores on your domain authority, ranking, backlinks, and errors.

Audits look for errors in page speed, alt text, broken links, image alt attributes, and other factors that will decrease your rank and domain authority score.

However, local SEO audits take this a step further and typically are performed by SEO experts. These audits look for local keywords and rankings to see when and how your site appears in search results. If you’re not showing up for “[targeted keyword] near me,” a local SEO audit can pinpoint why.

Once an audit is complete, the report is used to inform search engine marketing strategies  and improve content. The main goal for most audits is to improve all local SEO factors to bring in more traffic, leading to more visible product pages or inbound marketing landing pages.

What is a local citation?

Local citations are mentions of your business anywhere on the internet. It’s typically a combination of your company name, number, address, and website link. These are key factors in improving your search results. Some may also refer to this as “NAP” citations, otherwise known as “name, address, and phone number.”

Search engines depend on citations to evaluate websites and the popularity of the business. While more citations doesn’t always mean you’ll see a huge lift in ranking, it does provide a ranking signal whenever a citation is proven helpful to a Google user. So, if searching for products and a citation pops up like your Facebook Business about page, Google notes if a user clicks on that.

The one factor to consider is that many businesses have citations out there that were created a long time ago. If they’re not updated or contain misinformation, it could lead to lower rankings in search.

Take a Simple Approach to Local SEO

You don’t have to create local SEO traffic yourself. Hire an expert agency team to help you build more traffic and sales this year with a complete local SEO strategy. Not only can we customize a package for your business, but we’ll also help you with audits, short-term and long-term strategies, and ongoing SEO management.

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