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Do you want to increase conversion rates and scale up your marketing? SEO is the way to do it. We focus on getting results with inbound strategies that include search engine optimization and content marketing.

We specialize in SEO that helps clients gain more visibility, highly qualified leads, customers, and supporters through higher search discoverability.

Why SEO is Important for Your Business

Many clients come to Yankee SEO wanting to understand how SEO works and why everyone is telling them to get their website “optimized.” While SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy, there are some general reasons why businesses start search engine marketing through SEO strategies.

Here is a look at some of the reasons why SEO is necessary for your business:

SEO Increases Your Organic, Inbound Traffic

Just by having the right keywords and content on your site, search engines see that your content would be perfect for a customer searching the same keywords. That’s why keyword research and strategy discovery are so important in the early phases of SEO.

Since organic search is the main source of web traffic for your site, it’s also imperative to have SEO for long-term traffic.  The more you optimize your website, the higher it will appear in the top SERPs for specific keywords.

Lesser Cost Than Paid Online Advertising

Many people ask if SEO is worth the cost, and the answer is DEFINITELY! Once you set up SEO content, it starts to gradually rank, gaining historical data and traffic that Google recognizes for your authority.

You don’t need weekly, monthly, or yearly budgets for SEO like you would with PPC or display campaigns. SEO just continuously works for you, building organic traffic and backlinks naturally over time.

Most Consumers Today Start with Google Before Making a Purchase

This is probably the biggest reason to enhance your SEO strategy today. Most purchase decisions start off with a Google search. People want to know that the goods and services they’re buying are worth the cost and solve the problems they’re searching about.

If you want to make sure that your website is found for keywords related to your audience search intent, you need a full SEO strategy that encompasses both content and technical tactics to place you at the top of search.

Why Manchester Businesses' Need SEO?

SEO isn't just about improving the content on your website for product-related or industry keyword phrases. We want to help you define and reach your most important online audiences through targeted inbound campaigns.

Where does your best traffic come from? What channels offer the most highly qualified lead acquisition? How can you reach more local customers and drive traffic every day?

We want to propose a strategic SEO plan for your business that includes answers to these questions, as well as a roadmap from discovery to implementation to continued growth.

Our services include:

  • 100+ Point SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Analysis
  • Buyer Persona Research
  • On-Page SEO Implementation
  • Backlink Audit & Strategy
  • Content Creation & Blogging
  • Local SEO
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Google Maps Listings
  • Site Structure
  • Mobile Optimization
  • UX Audits & Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Let us drive more traffic to your best pages with a proven strategy that works.

Our Approach to SEO Strategy and Implementation

Every client wants to rank well in search engines, but it’s also about where you’re ranking and becoming more visible to your best prospects. We go through a rigorous analysis and discovery process, researching your market and keywords, as well as auditing your website (and even competitor sites).

We also want to ensure that you have an optimal user experience. There are many factors that play into successful SEO, such as high-quality content, website speed, mobile-first design, backlinks, and more. However, user experience is a huge factor that often gets ignored.

Some of the ways we look at SEO include:

  • How useful is your content for the user? How does it answer your audience’s search intent and problems they search?
  • Is your site easy to use and navigate?
  • How credible is your content?
  • What can we do to make your website desirable through content, branding, identity, images, and other design elements?

For us, SEO is a huge part of your strategy, but it should also combine with the best practices for web design and user experience to ensure that you’re converting visitors into customers.

Steps for SEO Success

Yankee SEO helps startups, small businesses, and even large corporate get the leads and sales that matter to their bottom line. We optimize websites looking through the lens of SEO and inbound.

We also transverse all levels of marketing including technology, design, and content creation to create visually stunning campaigns and websites for our clients.

Our step-by-step SEO process leads to more focused content and campaigns that drive revenue for our clients, simply by using organic traffic and inbound strategies.

SEO is about content, but it’s also about technical markup, too. In order to understand your baselines, we conduct a discovery analysis and audit that goes over 100 points of SEO. These are all critical points that you must have for your website to have the best chance to rank.

Some of the points we check in our analysis and audit include:

  • Determine Your Goals for SEO in an Overall Marketing Strategy
  • Crawl Your Website for Errors
  • Find Your Best and Worst Keywords
  • Find Indexing Errors and Technical Issues
  • Check Meta Descriptions, Tags, Alt Text, and Image Meta
  • Improve Low-Quality, No Traffic Content
  • Identify Speed and Mobile Optimization Issues
  • Find Structured Data Errors
  • Improve On-Page Factors
  • Run a Backlink Audit
  • Analyze Your Organic Traffic
  • Compare to Your Competitor Rank and Keywords
  • Optimize Internal Links
  • Fix URL Structure
  • Schema markup
  • Track and Improve Your Ranking

There are multiple points to address in some of these categories, which is why we take a thorough approach to analysis. Our experts work with you to discover new opportunities through this process while also supporting your main business goals. In general, our audit looks for ways to improve your inbound sales through more traffic, more qualified leads, and higher content value.

It’s likely that your website already has tons of data for us to analyze that will uncover your best keywords and those that you could improve upon. We use a variety of tools in our research, but everything we do is to support your inbound traffic.

Our keyword research covers everything that would help your business grow, from understanding geographic areas for local SEO to creating keyword phrases that are popular with voice research prospects.

In addition, we use tracking tools to monitor keywords and traffic, supporting your best keywords with inbound content that will drive more leads and sales.

When it comes to on-page SEO factors, your website needs a certain structure for Google crawlers. These on-page optimization steps make it easier for search engines to understand your content and how it’s relevant to users searching for a solution.

Some of these tactics include your URL structure, optimizing your titles and subheads, internal links, external links, and meta descriptions.

Off-page SEO factors also matter, but the most important part of the off-site strategy is your backlink strategy. To build domain authority and rank, one of the key steps is to get referral links or backlinks that link back to your content pages. Ideally, these high-ranking websites are relevant to your industry and identify your website as an authority.

While it takes time to build backlinks, we offer a proven content strategy that gets more shares and referrals than those who wait for other sites to find their content.

Finally, one of the ways that we help clients is through identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitoring these in relation to SEO so that we can create custom report.

We monitor your rank critically, but we also provide custom reports that show what we’re doing to improve the health of your website. We like to track leads, lead time, lead cost, conversion cost, conversion rate, and many other key metrics that show exactly where you’re seeing the most success.

FAQ About Local SEO

Which is better: SEO vs PPC?

Both are important for search engine marketing (SEM). While SEO provides a vital way for organic traffic to find your content, you also want to use PPC to get more visibility at a quicker pace.

However, long-term marketing strategies must have SEO to establish domain authority and keep your website ranking on the first page of Google for your best keywords. However, PPC is a “fast track” to targeting prospects with the right budget.

Do you need a blog for SEO?

Blogs do help with SEO because it’s a constant stream of content and media that you control. You can post the most high-quality content and capture a lot of keywords, as well as backlinks, if your content has a high readability score (one of the metrics we can track with our SEO tools).

What is domain authority?

Another score that matters is your domain authority. With higher domain authority, it means that Google trusts your content more than others and will rank your pages higher with a better domain authority score. Moz is an important SEO tool that measures your DA score.

How long does it take to rank on Google?

Yes! We will conduct a thorough analysis and audit on your website to determine the best tracking and analytics tools. In addition to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, we also implement conversion tracking, on-page activity tracking, and lead tracking tools to manage the performance of your marketing machine.

Will you set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console?

Google has guidelines for its ranking algorithm. There are a few techniques that take more importance than others. If you want to improve your rankings you need to ensure your website is fast, mobile-friendly, and accessible. When you have a site that loads slowly or is unreliable, it will deter customers and potential customers from purchasing or visiting your site. Other techniques like backlinks, custom content, and authority are other factors that help improve your Google searchability.

How can local SEO help my business?

Local SEO revolves around targeting audiences near your location. It’s a fundamental part of successful marketing strategies for small to medium businesses. If you have always used direct mail or postcard marketing, then local SEO is the new digital way to target and display your message directly to the people closest to your business.

We can create landing pages with local SEO tactics to focus on specific towns, cities, regions, neighborhoods, and states to create a reputation around that geo.

We also optimize your directories and Google listings such as Google Maps, Google Places, and Google My Business. All of these are important to directing your local customers where to go and how to purchase products from your store.

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