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We're all living in a digital world. For your website to thrive, you'll need a digital marketing agency that can navigate complex SEO scenarios with expertise! At Yankee SEO & Web Design, our Portsmouth team will deliver comprehensive marketing solutions that work. Through technical SEO, web design, domain migration, Webflow services, and enterprise-level technologies, we can help your business grow, gain targeted smart traffic, and more!

Yankee SEO & Web Design Provides Quality Services in and Around Portsmouth, New Hampshire

With advanced SEO strategies, our team of consummate professionals can help your business pages rank number one! That way, your business will be more likely to get the attention and online results that you need. We have helped all kinds of businesses rank number one with even the most competitive keywords! So, if you've been looking for Portsmouth, NH SEO experts to help your New England or New Hampshire business achieve top page ranking and SEO success, we've got you covered!

The audit and analysis process is a key aspect of any successful SEO and digital marketing strategy. This process helps us determine what's working for you and what may be working against. These factors can have a huge impact on your online presence. An SEO audit involves analyzing how well your web practices are working and what we can do to improve them. This is always the first step to take toward creating and implementing a plan with measurable SEO results!

When we audit and analyze your website, we'll identify both foundational and technical issues that may be affecting your organic search performance. For instance, what does your web design look like? Has your site been built around purely aesthetic or SEO principles?

At Yankee SEO & Web Design, our audit and analysis specialists will work to help you strike the perfect balance between web-flow, aesthetic design, and SEO functionality. No matter what type of business you own or how large your website is, our team can help. We've seen just about everything! As such, we know what it takes to rank well with the most popular search engines. Our analysis and audit strategies are built on targeted SEO factors disseminated by Google's latest SERP rules, page crawlers, and algorithms!

Another fundamental part of SEO strategy is keyword and keyphrase research. Learning how to implement the right search engine phrases on your pages is an essential part of SEO and SERP. When you know what's trending right now, you'll be able to more easily gear your content around these topics.

The team at Yankee SEO & Web Design understands that keywords are an indispensable part of any SEO campaign. That's why we designate the time and energy needed to ensure that any keywords we use in your content will generate organic results and make a positive impact. Our comprehensive keyword research strategies offer an in-depth look at what keywords and phrases are currently driving traffic online. We've got the programs and technology to help you identify keywords that are ranking right now for potential clients in your demographic!

On-site SEO is sometimes also called on-page SEO. This practice involves optimizing specific elements on a website instead of focusing on links and external signals from elsewhere. This process allows your website to rank higher online while also improving organic traffic and providing relevant page results.

Many people are unaware that every channel used for digital marketing will impact a site's SEO in one way or another. Social media, PPC, web design, and many other systems can be used to drive smart traffic online to your website. When not meticulously maintained, these same channels can actually inhibit your SEO. Therefore, every improvement you make to your digital marketing systems can have a resonating impact on your SEO and SERP ranking.

Here at Yankee SEO & Web Design, our New Hampshire team of experts has the experience needed to improve every element of your website. We meticulously inspect each marketing channel to ensure that your on-site web optimization is up to par. We'll put in the effort needed to ensure that the technical performance, on-site programming, and other design elements, will work together in harmony to enhance your SEO.

Link building involves getting other websites with relevant content to link back to your website. This tedious but critical SEO process requires tact, experience, innovation, and skill. Building links can help you prove that your website is of quality and has resources worthy of citation.

Many clients report that link building is one of the hardest parts of SEO. This is totally understandable, considering that link building requires time, energy, effort, and in-depth SEO knowledge. Moreover, adequate link building often requires multiple inbound links from various high-quality websites. Then, your own site will need to provide backlinking and be of high-quality as well.

Luckily, at Yankee SEO and Web Design, our Portsmouth SEO experts have already assisted hundreds of companies in building a massive network of high-quality external and internal links. This allows smart traffic to flow between our client's pages and other relevant websites to dramatically improve SEO.

Your website's rank online will often be impacted by the way every individual page is perceived by Google's page crawlers and algorithms. Consequently, each page of your site will need to contain high-quality niche-specific content with credible links and sources to build SERP and improve overall SEO. To put it simply, duplicated or low-quality website content simply won't fly.

At Yankee SEO & Web Design, we will work hard to add incredibly in-depth content to each page of your website. We have experienced SEO writers, content creators, and web specialists on-deck waiting to assist you! Our team will help you load your web pages with compelling and useful content that will make a positive SEO impact! We will also work to influence smart traffic and build your clientele.

Custom SEO reports let you know what's going on with your website. Targeted customized reporting allows you to pick the specific city, browser, and metrics that you want to examine. You'll be able to see how long web sessions lasted, how many page views you've had, and what your bounce rate is.

Analytic data like this is the lifeblood of SEO. Without it, you couldn't track your progress. After all, tracking progress is one of the best ways to ensure viable website growth. Our targeted custom reports will show you exactly how well your site is performing at a given moment in time. Armed with accurate real-time data, that you can effortlessly stay on top of every aspect of your SEO strategy.

Since the experts at Yankee SEO & Web Design use an organic approach when collecting data and analytics, you'll be able to review the impact of your SEO strategy at a glance. This data will show you the impact of your SERP and SEO efforts as well as conversion rates, driven traffic, and more. You can customize your metric reporting to meet the specific needs of your website to save time and streamline your SEO tactics. Commonly requested custom metrics include:

  • Keyphrase and Keyword Search Engine Rankings
  • General Website Analytics
  • Page Session Lengths
  • General Website Analytics
  • Conversion Rates

FAQ About Local SEO

What exactly is Domain Authority and why is it so important for SEO?

Domain Authority, otherwise known as DA, can be used to indicate a website's metric strength. There are a few main metrics of any given site that can be used to increase Domain Authority.

First, consider which social media platforms and profiles point toward your site. Are these resources being exploited to their full advantage? Another main metric is your link building. Quality internal and external backlinks can help you build domain authority.

At Yankee SEO & Web Design, we offer Domain Name Migration services and Webflow services to help with this specific part of SEO. After all, in competitive industries, DA is key. It's one of the first things we look at when assisting you with SEO audits. This is especially true for e-commerce stores.

What are search algorithms and why do they matter?

There are many different types of search algorithms used by Google. These algorithms work to judge the worthiness of your business website. To rank well online, your site must fit with the latest algorithms.

The two main types of algorithms are Penguin and Panda. Penguin assesses your off-site SEO. Panda assesses your on-site SEO. Then, the next most important algorithms are called Hummingbird and Pigeon. Hummingbird looks at data related to conversational search topics. Pigeon estimates the way that Google and local SEO may impact your business.

All four of these algorithms are updated regularly. As such, our SEO specialists work hard to stay on top of updated and ever-changing algorithm rules. This helps the websites of our clients stay healthy and rank more easily with Google.

Should I launch a marketing campaign around pay-per-click?

This will depend on your monthly planned PPC advertising budget. Every industry is different. However, on average, you should be able to spend at least some amount of your advertising budget on Google AdWords advertising. This will help you gain enough data to tweak your adverts for lower costs per click over time. You will also gain a higher quality score in the future.

To learn more about this, simply ask our SEO experts. Different strategies work for different businesses. Sometimes, PPC is best, while other times, organic SEO strategies may be better.

Why is my competitor ranking higher on the SERPs?

SERP rank, otherwise called Search Engine Result Page rank, can be impacted by many different factors. When it comes to SEO, there are many moving targets to investigate. Think of it as a massive machine with various individual cogs all spinning at once.

In fact, Google uses over 200 search ranking factors that are constantly changing. So, there's really no way to tell exactly why your competitor may be ranking higher than you. However, we can work to help you rank higher by optimizing every single aspect of your SEO strategy. In fact, at Yankee SEO & Web Design, we’ve been helping Portsmouth businesses rank top on the SERPs for years!

How can I make my business rank number one for certain keywords?

Keyword ranking can be a complex process. It's hard to guarantee that you'll always rank number one for a key phrase or specific keywords. With that in mind, there are a few things that you can do to help improve keyword ranking success.

Generally, the more targeted that your keywords are, the more easily that they will rank. Some keywords are easier to rank highly with than others. The more specific and targeted your keywords are, the better!

If you want your business to rank number one for popular or competitive keywords and phrases, you'll need to optimize every aspect of your current SEO strategy. There are probably a few unused SEO strategies that you may want to consider applying as well.

Ready to Build Your Portsmouth SEO Campaign?

In most cases, hiring a skilled team of local SEO experts is the best way to ensure that specific keywords and phrases related to your business niche will rank well highly online. A skilled team of SEO experts will help you expedite the keyword ranking process and skip a lot of the hassle and mistakes made by trying to rank using ineffective SEO strategies. To learn more, simply contact Yankee SEO & Web Design! Our team of web design specialists and Portsmouth SEO experts are ready to help your business thrive online today!

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