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Are you searching for the very best SEO and website design service? Yankee SEO & Web Design is here to be your one stop shop for these and many more services. You can migrate your domain name to our state of the art hosting services and use our specially designed Webflow site for a very reasonable price.

SEO experts at Yankee SEO & Web Design conduct an in-depth analysis of the website and see which factors of SEO your site meets and what you can improve on. We will make sure your website ranks well by checking that it has engaging content, reliability, integration, and is fast.

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of SEO. One might argue it’s the very foundation of SEO. Our SEO experts at Yankee SEO & Web Design will spend time evaluating and researching keywords for our clients. We use a detailed process to do this.

For example, you might have a few keywords that you hope will rank your website. Our specialists will work with you to come up with as many keywords as possible! We will design your web pages to ensure you rank favorably. The technique used maps the keywords for each webpage and is designed to rank in Google’s search results. Keywords are separated into two categories: long-tail and short-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords consist of four or more words, while short-tail consists of no more than three words.

Our SEO experts will design supporting pages that will focus on these two types of keywords. The supporting pages will contain more detail than your homepage for a specific topic. This technique ranks you higher on Google and avoids black-hat SEO techniques that are against most search engine’s policies.

SEO experts provide a deep analysis of your keywords too. There are positives and negatives to using short-tail or long-tail keywords. However, long-tail keywords have the advantage of more quality traffic which offers more chances for sales and less competition.

Whichever type of keywords you want, Yankee SEO & Web Design SEO experts will analyze the traffic your keywords have and how much competition for them exists. This type of keyword research uses tools like Google Ads and Google trends.

When you begin to explore SEO, you’ll hear about on-site and off-site SEO. Off-site SEO refers to external factors that impact your site’s rankings, while on-site focuses on the changes you can make to improve rankings. Most people don’t realize how much digital marketing affects your company’s SEO.

SEO experts will make changes to impact your site’s ranking through different methods. Off-site methods include modifying social media content, websites that link back to your site, and online directories. Meanwhile, experts will make changes to your headers, title tags, meta descriptions, images, videos, and links to modify your on-site optimization.

Search engines are designed by people and they similarly analyze websites in the same logical manner that a user does. Each topic you discuss on your site should have a header assignment (i.e., h1, h2, h3, etc.). Headers vary in size. For example, h1 is your main header or title of the main topic. The header h2 represents your main point and h3 is your subpoints. You want your headers to follow in a logical order and contain keywords where possible. Our SEO experts understand the importance of this method and structure webpages to reflect this correctly. This method will allow crawlers to read your site and understand what it’s about.

Title tags and meta descriptions enable a search engine to understand the content of a website. The blue anchored text you see when you search something is a page’s title tag. It’s also what you click on to go to a webpage. Google guidelines state that each webpage should have a title tag. Our SEO experts will include descriptive tags, incorporate keywords, and gain a high amount of traffic.

Meta descriptions appear under the title tag on a search results page. Meta descriptions should only contain about 160 characters and specify what your website is about. We will make sure your meta descriptions contain keywords, have unique descriptions for each page, and specify your content.

Images and videos are crucial to a webpage. They can improve the experience of a webpage for a user. Videos and images add to the message of your webpage and encourage visitors to interact and engage with the site through sharing a page on social media. However, videos and images can harm your website’s SEO ranking if your images or videos are slow to load or don’t load at all. Google has found that over 53% of users that visit a website on their phones will leave if a page takes longer than three seconds to load. This makes it crucial to load your site as fast as possible.

SEO experts at Yankee SEO & Web Design use SEO techniques to optimize your images and videos. We use fast loading images like JPG, GIF, and PNG. We make sure you only have pictures and videos on your page where it’s needed. We compress files for quick loading times and make the images respond for mobile and desktop users. We will also create descriptive file names, titles, captions, and high-quality thumbnails.

External links matter to your website. Google judges the quality of your site based on the quality of the external websites that link to your page and the quality of websites you link. High-quality websites will link to other high-quality sites. When your page has high-quality websites within your content, it will improve your website’s ranking. Yankee SEO & Web Design can handle all this for you!

Many companies consider link building to be the most difficult aspect of SEO. This is because link building requires content to receive endorsement from other sites from other companies. Many fail at this because you can’t just link any website back to it. You need high-quality inbound links on top of your own site demonstrating high-quality.

There are several types of link building: internal links, outbound links, and backlinks. Internal links are links that connect a page from your site to another page on your site. Outbound links are high-quality links from high-quality websites. This type of link is often used when citing a fact or source. Backlinks are links that connect external websites to your website. This is one of the most valuable types of link (if it’s high-quality) but also the hardest to obtain.

In SEO, you have your black hat techniques and white hat techniques. Yankee SEO & Web Design will never use black hat techniques to improve your site’s ranking. Some of the techniques we use include links created that are descriptive, specific, and easily seen.

Your website analytics data is the key to your business's online success. You can make all the improvements required for your website but if you didn’t have a way to track them, how would you know the impact they made? You would just try different techniques and hope they improved your rankings. Luckily, there are various software and tools our SEO experts can use to track your website’s progress. Some of the most common metrics include SEO rankings for targeted keywords, website analytics, call measuring, and conversion rate measuring.

The main goal of SEO is to rank high with search engines. This is where analytics shines. SEO experts can use software to see where you rank and what you can improve on. These tools can measure how many clicks your website receives over a period. Your average search position tracks where your keywords rank for Google. Click-through rates allow your experts to measure how often a user is clicking on your webpage and how many times it appeared on a comparison list. Also, you can track your demographics and channel grouping reports which track what channels users use to access your site.

Call tracking reports help track whether your website is gaining any leads, phone calls, or online form submissions. Our SEO experts have software that determines if your customers are calling your business and which channels they use to call your company.

Conversion rates are important to measure because it tracks if your traffic is valuable and leads to a lead or sale. SEO experts use this measurement to design your website and decide whether your content is gaining conversions and fix it if your site isn’t.

FAQ About Local SEO

Why is SEO important?

SEO is more important than you may think. SEO will help increase your online presence and revenue. It ensures you rank high on search engines like Google or Bing. This makes your website appear in search engine results. The higher you rank on a search engine, the more traffic you will gain. It will also create opportunities for you to receive endorsements from other high-ranking sites which ranks you even higher.

What is local SEO and how does it work?

Local SEO is one of the keys to bringing in new customers and returning sales from their local markets. Through local SEO services, your business can gain tons of traffic and revenue from online searches. Our SEO experts work on several strategies to get results. Some of these strategies include local directory citations, customer reviews, and tracking your keywords’ rankings.

How much does SEO cost?

SEO costs will vary depending on what you’re looking for and what your website needs. You may have a site already designed with SEO but want to track your analytics or maybe you need a website designed from scratch. Your SEO expert will sit down and discuss with you your options and what you may need.

How long will SEO take to see results?

This will vary. You may have a business in a field where it can take anywhere from six months to one year. However, most clients start to see results in the first few months after including more SEO strategies. You may also not need as many services, so it might take as much time. At your SEO consultation, your SEO expert will ask you what time frame you have in mind and what you wish to accomplish. From there, they will lay out a plan, goals, and how long it may take.

What are the most important factors to SEO rank with Google?

Google has guidelines for its ranking algorithm. There are a few techniques that take more importance than others. If you want to improve your rankings you need to ensure your website is fast, mobile-friendly, and accessible. When you have a site that loads slowly or is unreliable, it will deter customers and potential customers from purchasing or visiting your site. Other techniques like backlinks, custom content, and authority are other factors that help improve your Google searchability.

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