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The SEO industry in Boston MA is booming. More and more businesses are turning to online marketing strategies as a way to increase revenue. As a result, it has become increasingly important for companies to invest in an experienced professional who can provide the necessary information on how to rank higher in search engine rankings as well as offer insights into what keywords should be used.

This page will discuss what SEO is, the basics of SEO and what you need to know before getting started with your own campaign so we can develop an SEO strategy. We will talk about audits, keyword research, on-site optimizations, content creation, reporting, and more so that you have a better understanding of this complex process!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which refers to the process of increasing your site's visibility in search engine results pages. The higher a page ranks on this list, the more visitors it will receive from users who are specifically looking for those types of sites and services. SEO is an excellent way to increase exposure without having to put all of your resources into paid advertising.

Why Do I Need Boston SEO Services?

Here are the top four reasons you might require Boston SEO services: - You want to start a new business. If your website has no rankings at all, it will be very difficult for anyone to find you on Google or Bing. This is even worse if you don't have any other form of advertising set up! Investing in Local SEO services is a great way to ensure your business gets off on the right foot.

- You want more visitors, period. If you're running a website that relies heavily on advertising revenue (think of sites like Mashable or Buzzfeed), Boston SEO Services are vital if you hope to attract and retain enough readers for advertisers to continue paying top dollar for ad placements.

- You're a small business and you want to grow. A lot of small businesses start out on their own, which can be both rewarding but also expensive. For this reason, many will look into local SEO services for Boston in order to save money on the marketing aspect (which is usually one of the largest expenses).Google has made it very difficult for business' to be successful without SEO.

- One of the most important aspects of any website is traffic, and Google has made it difficult for business' to rank on their search engine unless they have a strong understanding in how web crawlers work. If your site doesn't show up at all or ranks too low when someone does an internet search, you're losing potential clients constantly!

Why Should I Hire A Boston SEO Company?

Hiring an Boston SEO company is a great way to ensure that you will be able to rank on the first page of Google. There are many different options for small businesses when it comes to marketing their services, but one of the best ways would have to be hiring someone who specializes in search engine optimization (SEO).

How Do I Know If My Website's SEO Is Good Enough?

-There are many ways to tell if you're website is ready for optimization. One of the best ways would be to run an audit on your site, which will show you what content needs to be improved and where there might need more work done. Sometimes a website won't rank high even if it's been optimized for SEO in Boston, but this is usually because they have a low amount of backlinks or external links.

What SEO Services Should a Boston SEO Agency Provide?

Audit & Analysis

An audit can help you identify areas of improvement and track the effectiveness of ongoing optimization efforts. It is a way to measure progress over time, which enables you to see what changes have made an impact in search engine rankings while also acting as a diagnostic tool to evaluate the health of your website.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the backbone of any Boston SEO campaign. It's about understanding who your audience is and what they’re looking for online in order to determine which keywords will give you the best chance at reaching them.

On-Site Optimizations

On-Site optimizations are the foundational SEO tasks. They’re about making sure that your website is structured and coded in such a way as to be readable by both humans and search engine crawlers, while also ensuring it's built on standards for accessibility.

Title & Meta Descriptions

Title tags and meta descriptions are crucial to getting your website found on search engines, as they're the only elements of a web page that will show up in an organic Google or Bing search result. The title tag should be at least 70 characters long (including spaces), and it's best if you include your primary keyword. Meta Descriptions are used in Google and Bing search results to give a sentence or two of context. A good meta description is about 200 characters long, including spaces, should include your keyword (or the primary topic/keyword you are targeting with that page), and it's best if you avoid any kind of punctuation because anything more than one comma will be cut.


Headings and sub-headings are also very important for SEO, because they help Google and Bing spider your website in a way that tells them the content hierarchy. They should be used to break up large sections of text into readable chunks and make it easier for humans to scan through too.  Finally, titles and subtitles can help drive potential visitors from their current location to your website. If you've written an article about the best places for brunch in Boston, it would be a good idea to include "Boston's Best Brunch Spots" or something similar as both titles and subtitles where appropriate.

Internal Linking

You can also use internal linking to help with SEO. Internal links are when you link your own content on one page of your website, and then link that same content on another page of the site. This helps Google understand what's important for visitors so they're more likely to rank both pages higher in their search engine results pages (SERPs).  

The information you provide on your site should be accurate, well-written and engaging. This means that the content needs to: summarize important topics in a concise way; add value by answering questions or solving problems; have clear headings with relevant keywords.  

Include links back to original research whenever possible.

Link Building

  • Building high quality links with credible webpages is an important part of SEO.
  • Link building strategies include: guest blogging, content curation, and article marketing.

Guest Blogging

Bloggers who write for other blogs are often looking for writers to help them produce more content on a regular basis because they know how difficult it is to produce content without help. Guest bloggers are often published on other blogs with an author bio and a link back to their own blog, so this strategy can be effective for getting more exposure online.

Content Curation

Content curation refers to sharing links or summaries of articles that you have found interesting. This is a great way to share the content that you have found with your audience while also sharing other people's work.

Content curation can be done on any social media platform or as part of an email newsletter. It works well for those who may not want to spend a lot of time writing articles but still wants their followers to know what they are reading.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is the art of writing and distributing articles for free to draw traffic. Those who generate a lot of content may find this strategy helpful as it will give them more opportunities to share their knowledge with others online.

Citations & Listings

Citations are a form of search engine optimization that show users that your site is an authoritative source on the topic you have written about. Citations can be done in many ways but it will require time and effort to establish yourself as a credible resource. Listings work well for those who want to see fast results with their SEO efforts, especially if they want to rank on local maps.


Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your own. They appear on search engine results pages and can be used as an indicator of the popularity of your site content. You want these links coming from relevant sites in order for them to have a positive effect on SEO rankings, and any Boston SEO Company should be able to build a strong list of sites.

Content Creation

The content creation is a very important step in the search engine optimization process and it begins with an audit of what is currently on your site. You will then want to create a keyword list based upon the most important terms being used by visitors and customers.

Next you need to write the text for these pages, beginning with those that are more popular or have better rankings in order to bring up the pages with lower rankings. After you've written the content, you want to check it for spelling and grammar errors before publishing or uploading it. It is also important that your chosen keywords are used in a balanced way throughout all of the text on each page.

CUSTOM Reporting

Here at Yankee SEO we create reports customized to your specification. Some of these options are:

  • Content analysis with keyword density and length in context
  • Page by page site audit including URL, description meta tags, title tags and headings.
  • Onsite link checking for broken links or those that could be improved to rank better on Google Search Engines

How to choose the Top Boston SEO company?

There is a lot to consider when it comes time to choose an SEO company. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind:

  • Make sure that they have a solid track record and history
  • Look for reviews from satisfied customers on their website or social media pages
  • You want to make sure that they are getting results with their clients and that the company is transparent about their strategies.
  • They should be able to show you examples of past work or companies they have helped. You want to make sure they are a one stop shop for all your needs, not just SEO

Be aware of what SEO agencies can't do!

It's important to understand how to choose an SEO company, as they aren't always a one-stop shop. Companies offer various services such as design or development and while these can play an important role in your website's success it is not their main priority.

We at Yankee SEO are one of the top SEO companies in Boston, MA. We are a full-service digital marketing agency that offers more than just SEO, though it is our Bread & Butter.

What to know before settling on a company?

How Much Does Boston SEO Marketing Services Cost?

Boston SEO Marketing Services is not a one size fits all strategy. Budget, industry type and the scope of your project will play into how much you spend on SEO. It's important to find out what each company offers so that you can get an idea of their price ranges before committing to anything.

How Long Does SEO Take?

Search Engine Optimization is inconsistent but an average length is 6 months to a year. However it can be as short as mere days and Yankee are the Boston SEO Experts! Our Marketing Services are the best in Boston and we will get you to the top of Google search results!

Can I Do SEO Myself?

Yes, but it's a lot of work to do Search Engine Optimization and mistakes can lead to bad results that can take months to fix!

Who Should I Hire for Boston SEO?

A good rule of thumb is to hire an SEO expert who has experience in your industry. For example if you are heavily invested in ecommerce then hiring a search engine marketing company will be beneficial because they are experienced with conversions rates and know what works best!

Should I Do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or PPC (Pay-Per-Click)?

It's usually more beneficial to do Search Engine Optimization than Pay-Per-Click but it really depends on your budget. PPC gets you in front of potential clients quicker but it can get very expensive and SEO gives results that continue after your contract with the SEO Company ends.

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